What is J-Walk?

Are you one of those people that hear the term "student" and get excited at the influence you could have on their lives? J-Walk Student Ministries is all about helping our students take their next steps toward Christ. To help make that happen, we create a positive environment in which students feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

We combined middle school and high school students into one big group so whichever age fires you up, we've got both! 

J-Walk is the weekly meeting of FBC Student Ministries. We desire for students (6th – 12th ) to enter into community with other students and leaders as they experience Christ through His Living Word and Worship. Our passion is to see students make the name of Jesus famous throughout their lives. Each week we want to provide an environment for students to encounter Christ and grow closer to him.

Stay Connected/Get Hooked Up

You can stay up to speed with the latest news and events through our blog. If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you!

Can’t wait to see you at Frontline! Leave no one behind, bring a friend!