What to expect...

From the outside we look like a traditional church. Steeple, big cross out front, brick structure - the works. But once you get inside, the atmosphere is anything but traditional.

Casual dress is the code. We want people to be comfortable, like sitting around the house with friends and family simply visiting. Our desire is that you'll be met with a smile and a handshake - and probably an offer for some coffee.

We have an amazing Children's Ministry that really connects well with just about any kid. If you have students in Middle School or High School we have opportunities for them as well at our 11:00 a.m. service.

The worship is a time of celebration, using upbeat, contemporary music and preaching straight from God's Word every week. We encourage people to worship in a way that they feel comfortable. That means some will lift their hands, some will clap and some will stand or sit and listen. And we won't pressure to give money or take part in something that you don't feel led to.

We simple desire that you would come, check us out, ask some questions, and see if we may be a fit for you and your family. Our prayer is that we will be that fit.

Our Dream...

Imagine a group of people who are glorifying God by loving others out of an overflow of hearts that are growing within community in their enjoyment of God.

ENJOY God / GROW within Community / LOVE others

Our Purpose...

We believe that our dream is only possible as people are introduced to Jesus and become fully devoted followers of Him. Therefore, our purpose is simply:

First Baptist Church exists to introduce Jesus Christ to people and help them become fully devoted followers of Him.

Our Process...

We help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by helping them:

1. Commit to Jesus as Lord of their life.
2. Connect to a small group of people who are enjoying life together and are growing spiritually through authentic relationships.

Our get connected process is designed to help people connect to a small group of people where they can begin to grow in their devotion to Christ and in enjoying, growing and loving more.